Chicken Breast Recipes

One of the most consumed white meats for its versatility in the kitchen, its good price and its interesting nutritional contribution, rich in proteins and low in fat, is the chicken breast.

We love it, both to enjoy light recipes and enriched with other ingredients, it is a food that can be incorporated in any type of diet and what we want is that you do not lack ideas for it, that is why we gather here 10 chicken breast recipes.

No doubt there are a lot of chicken breast recipes.

We have gathered here 10 easy and delicious chicken breast recipes  for you.

People are always looking  for  chicken breast recipes that are easy to make and healthy.

keeping that in mind we have found a list of  10 easy and delicious chicken breast recipes that will take you just a few minutes to cook.

we have chosen  these chicken breast recipes out of thousands of chicken breast recipes.

1. Chicken breast with supreme sauce

Chicken breast with supreme sauce

With basic ingredients of any pantry, we can make dishes that are simple but extraordinarily rich, as well as nutritious and healthy, and there are more, easy and quick to make, this Chicken breast with supreme sauce you can prepare any day of the week, you only have to spend about 30-40 minutes, the supreme sauce is what may take a little longer.

We accompany this recipe of grilled chicken breast with a sauce that in addition to providing an exquisite flavor, provides juiciness and creaminess.

And nothing better to complete with a little fresh salad, especially on the hottest days.

It is a basic kitchen, necessary in any home, do you dare to try it ? do not doubt, because you will even repeat.

Ingredients (4 people)

4 chicken breasts, extra virgin olive oil, salt.

For the supreme sauce

250 grams of velouté, 50 grams of cream for cooking, 30 grams of butter, white pepper, salt.


Watercress, cherry tomato, basil, extra virgin olive oil, salt.


Prepare the supreme sauce starting from the freshly made velouté, or heating it before simmering and stirring constantly, you can also heat it in a bain-marie.

When it is hot, add the cream and simmer for about ten minutes, moving from time to time.

Remove the sauce from the heat and add the butter cut into cubes, you can mix immediately, try and rectify salt and pepper and reserve hot.

We prefer to remove the saucepan from the fire and not mix the butter in its entirety, while we are preparing the chicken breasts and the salad, we are whisking from time to time, it is kept hot and without drying out.

There are other ways to keep the sauce hot, such as the water bath or to avoid drying the surface by covering it with transparent film in contact with the sauce.


Serve the freshly made chicken; you can serve it cut as shown in the photographs, in addition to accompanying one side with the watercress salad, napa with the supreme sauce and serve right away. Bon Appetite!

2. Chicken breast with wild asparagus

Chicken breast with wild asparagus

We continue enjoying the wild asparagus, which is excellent but very tasty, we hope that on our next trip this weekend, the asparagus continue to be so generous as to be able to repeat the bread tortilla stuffed with wild asparagus that we showed you a few days ago, or the Chicken with wild asparagus that we share with you today, although we intend to make many other dishes.

If you do not have wild asparagus, we will always have the consolation of being able to use green asparagus, as it will be worthwhile because this chicken recipe with wild asparagus is quick, easy to make and really, the result is exquisite, being a dish suitable for all palates and balanced diets.

Ingredients (4 people)

4 chicken breasts, 1 leek (the white part), 4 cloves of garlic, 1 good bunch of wild asparagus (like the mouth of a glass), 60-80 grams of almonds in granillo, fresh thyme, freshly ground black pepper, extra virgin olive oil, salt.


Thoroughly clean the asparagus and cut off the base, the hard part that is easily located when bending and get it to break, drain or dry them thoroughly and reserve.

Peel the leek and cut it into a not very thin julienne.

Peel the cloves of garlic and cut them into small sticks.

Put a grill or pan to heat with a little extra virgin olive oil, cook the chicken breasts to taste and put them to medium temperature, so that they are browned on the outside and are made inside, making sure they remain juicy, If they are made too much they will be scorched and unpleasant to the palate.

Go turning them from time to time so that they are done evenly, if you have not taken the time they need to be at the point, you can practice a small cut in the thickest part of one of the breasts, and see if you have lost the pink color, then they will be made. Before finishing, add freshly ground black pepper on both sides and incorporate a few sticks of garlic to flavor the chicken.

In a large pan with a bottom of oil, make the asparagus and the leek at the same time (add the thyme), over medium-high heat, salt, and pepper to taste and move so that they are made equally.

As soon as the vegetation water that has been released has evaporated, add the almonds and garlic to brown, the garlic will also add its flavor, and the almonds will be crispy.


Serve a bed of wild asparagus, leeks, and almonds, place the chicken breast on top and finish adding a bit more of asparagus and leek and more almond. Pour a thread of the chicken cooking juice and serve right away. Bon Appetite!

3. Chicken breast with lemon and spicy spices

Chicken breast with lemon and spicy spices

Easy, simple and light cooking, is what many of us need these days, although we do not give up in the search of taste for the satisfaction of our palate. Now we want the citrus flavors because they are also refreshing, and also are ideal to bring a spicy point to the dish, this is the combination found in this chicken with lemon and spicy spices.

In addition to lemon, cilantro and ginger are part of the citrus contribution, which also boosts the freshness of each bite … in short, lemon, pepper, coriander, garlic, ginger, something spicy like shichimi or simply chili pepper, and finally a point of smoked flavor, is one of our favorite combinations of white meats, like this chicken recipe.

Ingredients (4 people)

4 chicken breasts, 1 large lemon, 1/2 c / c of smoked salt, 1/2 c / c of shichimi togarashi, 1/2 c / c of ginger powder, 1/2 c / c of garlic powder , c / n black pepper, 8 sprigs of fresh cilantro, 3 cloves of garlic, oregano (optional), extra virgin olive oil, salt, leaves of mixed lettuce.


Start preparing the spices to rub or marinate chicken meat, wash the skin of the lemon very well and dry it.

Rallala and put it in a small bowl.

Add the smoked salt, shichimi, ginger and garlic powder, and pepper to taste.

Wash and dry the coriander leaves and chop to incorporate it also, finally add a spoonful of lemon juice, mix well and reserve.

Prepare the chicken breasts, cut them into three steaks and on the internal sides rub the mixture of spices and lemon peel.

Replace the fillets, forming the breast again and tie it with kitchen rope.

Heat a frying pan or grill with a little olive oil, put it on medium heat and place the chicken breasts flanged, salt and pepper to taste and let them brown on one side and then turn it over, seasoning again, so that be browned for the other.

Due to the thickness of the pieces, the heat will take longer to reach the center, so for three or four minutes, cover the pan.

If necessary, add a little more olive oil.

A couple of minutes before removing the chicken from the pan, add the previously peeled and rolled garlic to brown and add their flavor.

Finally, bathe each breast with about one tablespoon of natural lemon juice.


Arrange a salad bed lightly dressed with extra virgin olive oil.

Remove the cooking wire from the chicken breasts, and place them on the salad.

Finish grating a little more lemon peel on the chicken, adding the oregano and dropping the juice that may have remained in the pan. Bon Appetite!

4. Chicken Piccata 

Chicken Piccata 

The Chicken picatta is the main dish very easy to prepare and refreshing because of the acid flavors it provides.

It is made with chicken breast in thick fillets and is flavored with white wine, lemon and capers mainly, although there are many formulas to prepare this recipe, you can add garlic, shallots, parsley … it is also usual to use butter to cook, even There are recipes in which the sauce is finished with a little cream.

Our recipe for picatta chicken for a daily day is usually this one, simple, quick and very tasty, as well as light.

If we prepare this recipe for a special meal, we flavor it more and look for more creaminess in the sauce, also taking care of the plating. When we prepare it again, we will show you the result, because even if it is a simple dish, it is worthy of decorating a party table, simply because it pleases all those who try it.

By the way, in Italy it is known as Piccata, another dish that is made with veal, although it is also made with fish, we will talk about it soon, now we encourage you to take note of this chicken recipe.

Ingredients (4 people)

4 chicken breasts, c / n flour, freshly ground black pepper, salt, 350 grams of white wine, 150 grams of natural lemon juice (and grated skin if desired), 2-3 c / s of capers, parsley.


Thoroughly clean the chicken breasts and cut them in two, butterfly, in half as if it were a sandwich and separating it into two fillets.

Season to taste and pass each fillet through flour.

Put a pan with a little oil, without being an oil bottom (can also be made with butter), when hot incorporates fillets.

Do it in a large pan or in batches so that the fillets are not mounted on top of each other. Make them first on one side, for about three minutes or until they are golden, turn them over and remove them from the pan.

Deglaze with white wine, also add lemon juice and salt to taste.

Let reduce and if you want a thick sauce, add a pinch of cornstarch dissolved in water to thicken.

Incorporate the chicken when the sauce is reduced and add the capers, turn it over, the time will be just right for it to be slightly impregnated with the sauce, although if you like the chicken very well, you can leave it a few minutes in the pan lowering the fire a little.


Serve the lemon chicken breasts, sprinkling them with the juice and capers, add a little curly parsley.

You can accompany this dish with some vegetables, or as is more usual, with pasta or polenta. Bon Appetite!

5. Sweet and sour chicken breast with fennel

Sweet and sour chicken breast with fennel

Perhaps there are still people who are surprised at how delicious chicken breasts can be, in many cases it is parked as food for slimming diets, but nothing is further from reality, a chicken breast is well-done height of a sirloin And if the palate is open to discover new flavors, an option for it is this bittersweet chicken with fennel.

The truth is that for us this game of flavors is a regular in our kitchen, soy sauce, honey and a pinpoint of chili or chile, make this excellent piece of meat a delicacy, just as it does with other raw materials, both meats and fish.

With regard to sweet and sour chicken, it is a recipe that is very easy to make and very tasty, we hope you like it.

Ingredients (4 people)

4 chicken breasts, 4 cloves of garlic, 3 c / s of honey, 4 c / s of soy sauce, 1 / c / c of ginger powder, a pinch of chili, black pepper, lemon thyme, olive oil extra virgin, salt.

For the fennel

1 bulb of fennel, 1 purple onion, lemon thyme, allspice, black pepper, 60 ml. of water (approx.), 60 ml. of sweet white wine, salt, extra virgin olive oil.


Wash the fennel and peel it to remove the outer part and its hardest fibers, cut it into four quarters.

Peel the onion and cut it into a feather.

Put a pan on the fire with a little olive oil, first on a high heat to mark the fennel on all sides, when it is golden reduce the heat and add the onion, season with the allspice, black pepper, thyme and salt to taste, mix well and when the onion is poached add the liquids, let it simmer until the fennel is tender, it may be necessary to add a little more water, but keep cooking over low heat.


Serve the sweet and sour chicken accompanied by fennel and salseando both preparations with their own juice. Accompanied by green leaves seasoned to taste. Bon Appetite!

6. Chicken breast with carrots on the grill

 Chicken breast with carrots on the grill

To enjoy good food, you do not always have to eat exultant dishes, or ingredients that are rarely added to the weekly shopping basket, based on two or three basic foods and / or accessible to all, plus to enjoy exquisite flavors, texture games and everything that is always praised in a masterful dish, we can enjoy a nutritious, light and adequate dish to be part of a balanced diet, for example with something as simple as this chicken breast with carrots on the grill.

We must confess that unlike what years ago we looked like a chicken breast, only tolerable if it was breaded and fried (as all children like), now we love it.

The most important thing is to be juicy, not to overdo the cooking as our elders do, and from there we can choose if we want a dish of Mediterranean, oriental, Mexican flavors, that is, adding the characteristic ingredients of each kitchen.

Today’s recipe has no secrets, but grilled chicken with carrots, garlic and parmesan will like it.

Ingredients (4 people)

4 chicken casings, 4-6 carrots (according to size), 1 bunch of garlic escapes (alternatively you can use tender garlic), 1 piece of ginger root the size of a walnut, c / n of Parmesan cheese, pepper freshly ground black, salt, Maldon salt, extra virgin olive oil.


Peel the carrots, wash and dry them well, and then cut them into the bias into thick slices, so that after going through the grill the interior is still a little crispy. If you like the softest carrots, you can make them to your liking.

Put the grill to heat with a little extra virgin olive oil and make the carrots putting them well extended, do not mount some slices on others, and mark them well on both sides, seasoned to taste.

Clean the garlic escapes and chop them, not very small, peel the ginger and grate it. Put a pan to heat, with a little extra virgin olive oil, and sauté the escapes with the grated ginger over medium heat, so that it does not burn. Salpimenta to taste.

Prepare the chicken breasts, you can open them in a butterfly if you want them to be made faster and in a more homogeneous way. Make them on the grill with a little olive oil until they are to the taste of the diners, the ideal is not to exceed so they are not dry.

You can put a little salt while they are done, but you can also finish the dish as with other meats, with salt in flakes.


Serve the carrots on the grill, put the chicken breast on top of it and on top of it the garlic escapes with the oil left in the pan. Finally, cut some flakes of Parmesan cheese and serve right away. Bon Appetite!

7. Chicken stuffed with hazelnut pesto and roasted garlic

Chicken stuffed with hazelnut pesto and roasted garlic

To enjoy some simple chicken fillets, we can make this Chicken stuffed with hazelnut pesto and roasted garlic, tasty, aromatic and conquering.

We can say that it is a healthy dish, because it is cooked on the grill with a little oil, the chicken has very little fat, it incorporates nutritious nuts in a very special pesto sauce, the only thing that we have to control is the amount of oil olive sauce that we put on the plate, because although it is very healthy, it is very caloric, also invites to dip bread.

The preparation of this recipe for chicken stuffed with hazelnut pesto and roasted garlic is very simple, ideal for any day of the week, and if you want to turn it into a unique dish, it will be enough to accompany it with a little salad, the carbohydrates are already in the bread with which you will leave the plate clean.

Ingredients (4 people)

4 sliced ​​chicken breasts, 50 grams of toasted hazelnuts, 5 cloves of garlic, 15-20 leaves of fresh basil (large), extra virgin olive oil, salt.


To make roasted garlic, you can take advantage of one of the occasions when you have the oven on; you can roast an entire head, open in half or lose garlic without peeling.

If you can not make the roasted garlic, there is no problem; it is also delicious if you make them on a griddle or pan with a few drops of olive oil, peel them and cut them in half lengthwise and make them until they are well browned over the heat medium.

Prepare the pesto of hazelnuts and roasted garlic, as we have said this is a different pesto for its composition, in addition to the obvious change of pine nuts for hazelnuts and the inclusion of roasted garlic instead of raw, this pesto does not carry cheese, although you can always add it if you wish, but we recommend doing it only to salse.

Chop the hazelnuts in the mortar with the roasted garlic and a little salt, then add the basil leaves chopped with a knife and continue with the pestle to mix the essential oils of the aromatic herb with hazelnuts and garlic.

Add a little oil, enough to get a paste of pesto to spread the chicken fillets. Once that step is done, add more olive oil to obtain a normal pesto sauce, and as I said, you can also add the Parmesan cheese.

Lay the chicken breasts fillet on the kitchen board, see separating fillets and smearing with the hazelnut pesto, finally reassembling the chicken breast and tying it with kitchen wire or with the silicone cords.

Among the steaks, we have not added salt because the sauce already takes it, but on the surface of the breast, we can salt slightly.

Make the stuffed chicken in a pan with little olive oil over medium-low heat so that the heat reaches the center and the outside is golden.


Remove the cord of the chicken stuffed with hazelnut pesto and roasted garlic before serving, to finish it will only be necessary to add a spoonful of sauce on the meat and accompany with good homemade bread. Bon Appetite!

8. Chicken breast with crispy potatoes

Chicken breast with crispy potatoes

Ignite oven, a humble meat, and some potatoes, even more humble. To eat, a delicious chicken with crispy potatoes, do you want to try it? It is a simple recipe, with traditional flavors but with a different presentation. We have given a little taste with ginger, but you can include various spices to give more flavor to this dish if desired, aromatic herbs or spices such as thyme, rosemary, cilantro, mustard …

The recipe for Chicken with potatoes is a very healthy main course, the griddle and the oven are cooking methods that contribute to this. Also the raw material is basic in any type of diet, if we do not incorporate fats more than a little of the essential olive oil, who will resist?

Ingredients (4 people)

4 chicken breasts, 3-4 potatoes, 40 grams of crunchy cracker bread (or normal bread crumbs), 40 grams of Grana Padano cheese, 10 grams of fresh ginger, freshly ground black pepper, salt, extra virgin olive oil.


Peel the potatoes and cut them into thin slices, put them on the oven tray, add salt to taste and a little extra virgin olive oil, without puddling the tray, just smearing the potato slices. Bake them until they are soft, without letting them take color, in the oven preheated to 175º C.

Clean the chicken breasts and mark them in a pan with little olive oil, which is intended only to brown the surface. Salpiméntalas to taste and reserve.

Prepare the crunchy mixture with cracker bread or grated bread, grated Padano cheese and freshly grated fresh ginger. As mentioned, you can add spices or dried aromatic herbs to this mixture, even a good time to use ginger and garlic paste.

Put the chicken breasts in the oven tray, cover them with the potato slices as you can see in the image gallery. Add a pinch of salt over them and then put the crusty bread mixture.

Insert the tray in the oven that you will have set at 200º C when removing the tray of the potatoes, bake for approximately 30 minutes, the time will depend on the volume of the chicken breasts, which have to be done inside, and the toast that You want the potatoes and the crispy.


Serve Chicken with crispy potatoes accompanied by a salad or simply with strips of chives. Bon Appetite!

9. Chicken glazed with tangerine and soy and smoked chestnut puree

Chicken glazed with tangerine and soy and smoked chestnut puree

If you want to enjoy a healthy and very tasty main dish, we invite you to try the chicken glazed with mandarin and soy and smoked chestnut puree. It is a simple and highly recommended recipe, combines flavors in an extraordinary way, and also gives us many possibilities, because if it is for a daily meal we can enjoy it with chicken, but if you want to make this dish for a holiday, do not hesitate to try it with a duck magret or a sirloin steak.

If you like the undercooked meat, you just have to reduce the sauce of the marinade in a separate pan and mark the grilled meat as you normally do, incorporating it into the frosting to give the final touch. For the time being, we hope you enjoy this recipe for Glazed Chicken.


4 chicken breasts, the green of a leek, apple chips, olive oil, salt.

For the glaze

100 ml. of mandarin juice, 50 ml. of sweet soy sauce, ½ c / c ginger powder.

For the smoked chestnut puree

50 grams of peeled chestnuts, 100 ml. of milk, ½ c / c of smoked salt, a few drops of olive oil.


Put the milk with the chestnuts in a saucepan and cook for about twenty minutes over low heat until the chestnuts are tender. Then add the smoked salt and mash until you get a puree, emulsify with a few drops of olive oil and reserve hot. If you want to lighten it a bit, you should only add a little more milk, try and rectify salt if necessary.

Finely chop the green leek and fry it in abundant olive oil, remove it when golden by placing it on absorbent paper to discard the excess oil and make it crispy.

Make the grilled chicken breasts with little olive oil, first on a high heat so that the surface browns, then put on medium heat so that they are done inside. The cooking time will depend on the size of the breasts; it can be about 20 minutes. In the middle of cooking, it spreads with the marinade consisting of mandarin juice, sweet soy sauce, and ground ginger.

At the end of the cooking of the chicken, raise the fire so that the marinade caramelizes and glaze the chicken well, to which you should go turning it so that it is well impregnated.

We make the apple chips in one of the occasions in which we light the oven to take advantage of the heat, we cut the apples, previously washed, very thin and we put them in the oven tray covered with cooking cloth, we bake at low temperature until that brown and dehydrate. After we keep them in a tuper in the refrigerator, they last for several weeks.


Serve chicken glazed with mandarin and soy accompanied by smoked chestnut puree. Decorate with the crispy leek, an apple chip and finish watering with a little more sauce of tangerine and soy glaze. Bon Appetite!

10. Chicken breast with lime and juniper

Chicken breast with lime and juniper

Surely we have all heard that someone who must limit their diet to grilled meat, ends up bored with their food, with the wonders that can make some simple spices … As an example we show you this recipe of chicken with lime and juniper, apt for those who diet and for those like us, enjoy savoring a simple chicken breast grilled, juicy inside and with a golden crust and crunchy on the outside.

The dressing of this chicken with lime and juniper is very healthy too, as it is extra virgin olive oil, which brings new flavors this delicate citrus and juniper berries. The garnish can be the aubergines with parmesan that we show you or a varied salad, you like?

Ingredients (4 people)

4 chicken breasts, 1 lime, 2 c / p of juniper berries, black pepper, 2 cloves of garlic, extra virgin olive oil, salt.


1 large aubergine, shichimi togarashi, oregano, parmesan, salt, extra virgin olive oil.


Wash the eggplant and cut into slices, remove them on both sides and put them in a large colander, on a rack or on absorbent kitchen paper. When they have expelled the water, dry them well and grill them with a little olive oil.

Do not put too much because as we know, eggplants are like sponges and absorb a lot of fat. Remember the post How to cook aubergines without fats.

Put a frying pan or grill on the fire with a little oil to make the whole chicken breasts on the grill, put on a medium heat so that they turn brown on the outside little by little and get well inside, turning them once in a while when and seasoned to taste.

The time will depend on how big they are.

Meanwhile, peel the garlic cloves and cut them into slices. Prepare the dressing, put in the mortar juniper berries and macacalas, add a little salt that will facilitate the work.

Grate the skin of the lime to add it to the juniper, add the juice of the lime, depending on the acidity you want to provide the dish; you can have enough with half juice.

Then add three times the volume of the juice in extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of pepper and mix well.

When the chicken breasts are made, add the rolled garlic browned and remove from heat. Put the aubergines on a plate, four rows and overlapping them lightly, sprinkle some shichimi and oregano and cover with a few flakes of Parmesan cheese, heat in the microwave until the cheese melts.


Cut the chicken breasts as you see in the photos and serve them on the plates, next to them is a row of aubergines. Sprinkle the chicken with the lime and juniper dressing, and finish with some flakes of Parmesan cheese and oregano flowers. Bon Appetite!